Health and population

Bill Gates and his wicked vaccination programme……..

More and more diseases are now recognised and more and more diseases are now treatable.
For example if we look at the latest edition of the American Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders(DVM) we find that the number of recognised mental disorders has increased exponentially in the last century. 100 years ago there were just 7 mental disorders,50 years ago there were 130 and by 2010 there were 374, 77 of which were ‘found’ in just 7 years.

One of these discoveries which can be found in the latest edition of the DVM(regarded as the bible to psychiatrists)is called Oppositional Defiant Disorder or DVM for short.
It is described as an ongoing pattern of disobedient,hostile and defiant behaviour. Symptoms include; Questioning authority,defiance,argumentativeness and being easily annoyed.
This essentially amounts to declaring any non conformity and questioning of authority to be a form of madness.
Fortunately this hideous condition can be treated with therapy and drugs.